Growing marijuana is easier with the right tools and equipment.  Here are some of the right supplies and cannabis growing accessories.

Most growers find it hard to go to their local store and pick-up these types of Marijuana growing equipment.  The products selected here from Amazon are priced better than what would be available at retail stores.

You can and will find more expensive products for any of these, however, we have tried to keep a small budget in mind for the home grower. 

  • A high quality lighting system for a medium sized grow room/tent

    All the nutrients you need from seedling to flowering HOT product for weed

    A Perfect Ph grow nutrient that corrects your soil shortcoming

    For germinating multiple seeds at once.

    Perfect pots for large and tall plants

    Perfect size for indoor or tent grows

    Can never find a good trim scissors when needed

    Inexpensive Humidity and Temperature Monitor

    Ideal Ph soil and Moisture Tester

    Necessary for checking your THC trichomes for ideal Harvest time

    Espoma AP16 16-Quart Organic Potting Mix

  • FoxFarm FX14054 12-Quart FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil

    2 or 3 plant solution for low electric success

    Best lights for a small indoor garden grow

    Another option for indoor garden grow

    Check dimensions for indoor use size

    Check the size for what space you have to grow

    The best size(IMO) for indoor growing

    Excellent starter soil to get you started

    Better than foil or white paint for the walls

    Get as much as you need and save

    Great starter tools for your indoor grow

  • Excellent cloning gel

    High-end lights for multiple plants

    3-prong Heavy Duty outlet timer for lights

    Also 3-prong, plug your surge multi-outlet in timer

    Another cloning gel

    420 Scopes for proper harvesting time

    Another pocket microscope

    Even better for Scoping things out

    Everybody needs one of these

    Depends on a few things

    Do you need to weigh?

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