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The following is a successful step-by-step process for germinating marijuana seeds.

Always be sure that your work area is clean. This includes YOU. Wash your hands every time before working with seeds - it will increase your success.

Remember, nicotine is like poison to both the seeds and the plants. If you smoke cigarettes, it's all over your fingers.

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds:
Preparation & Supplies

In preparing to germinate cannabis seeds whether one or a dozen, have everything you need and that it is also CLEAN.  Using anti-bacterial soap is recommended to clean hands, buckets, tweezers, shot glasses, etc.

Day One


Half fill a glass with mineral water. Take a single seed (female) or more, and place it in the water.   The seed will be initially floating.

Place a label on the glass to identify the seed(s).  Put it away in a warm and dark place for 24-30 hours. This allows the seed to absorb water. The seed does not need or like any light yet, but likes everything warm.

The cannabis seed simply needs warm air, moisture and darkness to begin a good germination process.

Select a warm spot that stays consistent in the temperature.  Cover the glass with a dark cup to keep out all of the surrounding light. This will allow the seed to absorb water, and is an excellent indication that the seed can grow.

Keeping a temperature of between 75° to 85° Fahrenheit is excellent for starting seeds.

Day 2


When, the next day, the glass is uncovered, the seed should have sank to the bottom.  Just stir the water with your CLEAN finger. The seed may have absorbed water and still be afloat by a bubble or dry spot.

If the seed still floats, you can add some fresh water and check back again in 8-12 hours.   After that, the seed could still be planted, but chances are slimmer that it will germinate.

Use a humidity dome until the seeds are germinated. Then take a cup of your grow mix (soil) that is the same mix that will be used ALL the time until the plants mature.  Using the same mix through the growing process prevents additional shock or stress when the new plants are moved to their final container.

Day Two


Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Remember, there is a difference between wet and moist. After my initial watering, do not water it again for 2-3 days, and then  spray water over the cup of soil.

Usually, in about 2-5 days, the seed will begin to pop out of the soil.  Some seeds can take 11 days, but usually there will be little green buds in less time.

Sometimes, the seed shell stays attached while the seedling works it's way upward and fights to exist.

Day 4


Now, the sprout stretches upward while wrestling with the seed casing to be released.

As it spends more time under the light, the sprout should be able to shake the seed and begin to form it's first 2 leaves (cotyledon).

You will find that once you have a regiment down that works, it's fairly easy to germinate your cannabis seeds indoors at any time of the year.

Once the seedling has broken ground and there are green leaves, remove the cup from the humidity dome.   Move the new baby to the nursery side of the garden with the 16-18 hour grow light cycle and circulating air.

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Week One


The new seedling is alive and prospering.  Leave it in the cup for a couple of weeks while it gains strength.  It has everything it needs to begin a stress free life.

At this point, start a wonderful romance with your plants.   Do not be afraid to talk and raise your youngsters to be strong and vigorous and "stinky" young ladies.

Be careful not to over water the seedlings. Wait for the top of the soil to get dry and crusty before watering again.

Spray the leaves with water for two days to help transition from the high humidity dome.
As the seed uncurls and begins it's beautiful life, it will lose the seed case and begin to sprout it's first leaves.

Tips on germinating cannabis sativa seeds.

Use a solo cup and slice four slits in the bottom for good water drainage and added aeration. It also makes the transplant very easy.   Allow soil to dry, cut slits down the cup sides and gingerly remove the plant.

Carefully place the seed into the soil with the knot side up. Only place it about 3/16" under the soil surface and water thoroughly.  Still use only water at this point.

When the soil is watered, it tends to move some soil over the seed. Label the cup and place it in a dome for high humidity and added warmth.  Position a small grow light above the dome and have the timer the same as your 18 hour garden clock.  Some air, moisture, warmth and light are important now.

Lights should remain ON for 16 - 20 hours and OFF for 4 - 8 hours.   Decide this right now, because changing this light cycle in mid-growth is stress for the plant.  The lights must be comletely controlled!  This is the 'trigger' for future growth stages.  Recommend is 18 hours ON and 6 hours OFF once germinated.

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